How to get to La Casa de Curia from Guayaquil:

By car:

La Casa de Curia is more or less 2 hours 30 minutes away from Guayaquil by car.

  • From Guayaquil get directions to the road “Via a la Costa” in direction of Salinas
  • When reaching Santa Elena (after 1.5 hours) , get directions and take the road to Manglaralto and Montanita, this is “la Ruta del Sol” it runs North and runs along the Pacific Coast.
  • 6 Km after the town of Montanita, you will see the road sign for Curia
  • The house is 600 yards past the village on the right hand side (mountain side) look for a stone and wooden gate with the name of the house “La Casa de Curia” written on a wooden board, there is a small yellow house just behind the gate. Open the gate go up the hill and you would have arrived, Gilson or somebody else will be there to greet you and hand you the keys.
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By private taxi:

For around U$ 80 to $200 depending on group and luggage size.
We can arrange this pick up for you.

By bus:

There is a bus service that serves the Guayaquil to Montanita-Olon route both ways, it ends in Olon which is 1.5 Km North of the house, from there we can pick you up if previously arranged or you can get a Taxi, they all know how to get to La Casa de Curia. The bus company is called CLP (Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular),they are red buses that leave from the bus terminal  (terminal terrestre) in Guayaquil and Olon, the departure times are on the picture on the right, they are the same either leaving from Guayaquil or Olon, the ride is 3.5 hours. In Guayaquil you will need to get a taxi from the airport  to the bus terminal (Terminal terrestre), make sure it is a well labeled yellow taxi from the airport, the bus terminal is 5 minutes from the airport.

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