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In January 2013 we proudly incorporated to our list of lodging possibilities a new and beautiful small house, we call it “Nena’s house” it was built by my Father in 2012 for our cousin Nena that lives in the USA. She decided to build this house for her and her husband to spend their winters in the warm sun of Curia. Nena agreed to let us add it as part of La Casa de Curia for the enjoyment of our guests

Built in a combination of Bamboo and concrete, topped with the typical hatch roof of the region it has, as all our houses, a very unique charm.

Nena’s house has two bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom. A fully equipped Kitchen facing the dinning and living area.
One special feature of this house due to its location at the top of the hill is the spectacular ocean views.We have to mention that the house has no direct access for cars and requires a short (45 meters) walk up the hill.
The beach is five minutes away walking through the small Village of Curia just down from the house.

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The house is located 300 meters South of our house and inside a family owned property, it offers covered parking, WiFi and Satellite TV (DirectTV).
Daily housekeeping is complimentary as always and as guests of
La Casa de Curia you will have access to boogie boards, bicycles and washer and dryer at our property.
And as usual, my Father or somebody else will always be available to assist you with anything you might need during your stay.